جميع أسئلة اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثاني الثانوي

جميع أسئلة اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثاني الثانوي الترم الاول

جميع أسئلة اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثاني الثانوي


أسئلة ملزمتي على مفردات اللغة

Choose the correct words between brackets :-
1. Someone who sells fish is a (fisherman – fish monger – fireman – stuntman)
2. Martin is a/an (astronomer- meteorologist-astrologer-weather presenter) He makes predictions by studying the positions of stars and planets.
3. To get my foot in the door means to (come to an end- get started-finish – stop )
4. His (career – job – occupation – profession) as a tennis player came to an end when he had a broken arm.
5. He is a/ an (amateur – professiona l-athletic – trainee) matador. He is paid for his work.
6. She is popular (in – with – for – at) many people in the region.
7. He is very rich. He can always afford expensive ……………places.
(exclusive – reasonable – sophisticated – limited)
8. Over 15 million people live in the………………… of Cairo.
(village – town – district – metropolis)
9. The River Nile is of great………………..importance for the Egyptians.
(antique – ancient – old – historical)
10. He had read the………….well before he decided what to buy .
(leaflet-hand out-prospectus-brochure)
11. The work of the archaeologist……………the remains of the lost city.
(revealed – removed – transformed – sophisticated)
12. The tourists bought tickets for a/an………………around the town.
(expedition – travel – sightseeing – excursion)
13. I was taken…………by his rude reply. (down – back – back – to)
14. The government decided to………Baron Castle into an enormous hotel.
(transmit – transform – transplant – transfuse)
15. The parents were…………….. as they didn’t want to wake the baby.
(screaming – whispering – shouting – crying)
16. Brian’s moving out next month, so we’re looking for another roommate to ………… our apartment. (divide – share – participate – split)
17. It’s………………..with Tom. He is always late for school.
(different story -tall tale -an old wives’ tale – the same old story)
18. Tom doesn’t like to……………….with his friends as he has no time.
(meet – socialize – support – make)
19. They went for a leisurely………………along the beach.
(march – stroll – sprint – run)
20. My…………………..son joined school a week ago.
(four year old -four years old -four years’ old – four year’s old)

أسئلة ملزمتي على قواعد اللغة

Rewrite using the words in brackets :-
1. My father was very tired so that he couldn’t work.(too)
He was too tired to work.
2. Mary is too short, so she can’t reach the shelf. (enough)
She isn’t tall enough to reach the shelf.
3. The next plane to London is scheduled to take off at 4 (takes)
The next plane to London takes off at 4
4. I would like to read comics.(keen)
I am keen on reading comics.
5. My dad died 1981.(away)
He passed away in 1981.
6. Sue stopped smoking last year.(gave)
She gave up smoking last year.
7. Everything is arranged for their marriage tomorrow.(getting)
They are getting married tomorrow.
8. I don’t watch T.V at all.(hate)
I hate watching T.V.
9. I did my homework. At the same time, my sister rode her bike. (While)
While I was doing my homework, my sister was riding her bike.
10. The last time I drank tea was a week ago.
I haven’t drunk tea since Sunday.
11. I had a meal and then I had a bath.(until)
I didn’t have a bath until I had had a meal.
12. Tom is a famous dentist. His hospital is a big one.(whose)
Tom whose hospital is a big one, is a famous dentist.
13. I go to a language school. I learn English in it.(where)
I go to a language school where I learn English.
14. All the cars which Germany makes are excellent.(made)
All the cars which are made in German are excellent.
15. “Are we having pizza for supper?”( She asked her mother)
She asked her mother if they were having pizza for supper.
16. The teacher said to me, “Does the earth go round the sun?”(inquired)
The teacher inquired if the earth goes round the sun.
17. She said, “I will travel to London tomorrow.”(would)
She said that she would travel to London the following day.
18. He said to me, “I am sorry for coming late.”(apologized)
He apologized for coming late.
19. The poor man said,” I want a piaster.”(begged)
He begged for a piaster.
20. “I didn’t go to the cinema.” said Julia (denied)
She denied going to the cinema.
Fill the spaces with the suitable words :-
(along – typical – redundant – exclusive – persistent – stubborn )
1. John is…… persistent………,he never gives up and always finishes what
he starts.
2. I was made…………redundant…………when the company closed down.
3. That club is very…exclusive……,only rich people can afford to go there.
4. It’s……typical…………of Tom to be 10 minutes late for his appointments.
5. You should try to get…along………with Tom, he’s your brother after all.



1. The theme of guilt appeared at the beginning of the novel. Indeed, it appeared at the beginning. When the convict met Pip in the marshes, he threatened Pip and ordered him to bring a file and some
food or he would cut his throat. Later lying in bed, Pip thought about the hulk where he would be one day as he was going to rob Mrs. Joe. He was very frightened and he didn’t sleep well that night. When he stole the file from Joe’s box of tools. When pip stole the food, he also poured some brandy and replaced the brandy with some tar-water. At Christmas, they had some guests included Uncle Pumblechook who was offered some brandy, when he drank , he jumped up and began coughing. Pip was sure that he had murdered him.
2. “You get me a file and some food. Bring them to me tomorrow, or I will cut your heart out!” Comment The dreadful man Pip met at the churchyard said these words to Pip when he knew from Pip that he lived with the blacksmith, he took hold of both arms and ordered him to get a file and some food or he would cut his heart out. He told Pip that he had young friend hiding with him who
loved to take small boys’ hearts.
3. Mrs. Joe appeared to be a bad sister to Pip. Illustrate Indeed, the formal relationship between Pip and his sister is evident, as he calls her Mrs. Joe. She is the dictator of the house. She treats Pip
badly and vents(expresses) her anger on both Pip and her husband Joe. She wants Pip to be grateful and thankful. Her aggressive character was contradicted to Joe’s mild-natured simplicity.
4. Miss Havisham’s house refers to her character. Elaborate The house was an old brick house that looked like a deserted house next to a deserted brewery. The doors were locked and barred. The inside of the house was completely dark and they used candles to lead them. When Pip saw her, he said that she was the strangest lady he had ever seen or shall see. He also said that everything was strange and sad. The house’s name is Satis which meant that whoever had that house could want nothing else.
5. What did Pip think of Estella?
Pip thought she was pretty and proud but rude which made him like to go home. She treated him as if he were a dog, she said that he was stupid with rough hands and awful clothes. She didn’t look at him or speak to him. She made him feel bad about his hands and clothes. As a result he found a place where she couldn’t see him and began to cry.
6. Pip told a lot of lies about his visit to Miss Havisham. Discuss Out of fear of Mrs. Joe, he didn’t want to talk about Estella and didn’t Pip was forced to tell lies. He told them that Miss Havisham was tall and dark. Estella handed him wine and cake on a gold plate. There were 4 dogs fighting over expensive meat in a silver basket. They all played with flags and swords. Later he felt guilty and told Joe that he had lied but decided not to tell Mrs. Joe the truth to avoid too much trouble.
7.”Why don’t you cry?” Comment
Estella said these words to Pip at Miss Havisham’s house when she came out of the house to let him out of the gate. Perhaps she saw his fear in his eyes so she asked him why he didn’t cry. When he told her that he didn’t want, she told that he was about to cry. Laughing, she pushed him out and locked the gate.
8. Joe allows Mrs. Joe to treat him badly. Discuss Joe told Pip that his father used to hit his mother which forced her to run away with Joe but returned back by her husband and hit them. He believed that his father was good in his heart, but his problem was that he drank too much. Both his parents died when he was still young. Finally, he met Mrs. Joe and married her. He remembered how badly his father treated his mother badly so he decided that he would never treated his wife badly. He would rather endure her anger than be angry with her. He believed that his wife was a good woman as she was looking after her baby brother.
9.What happened to Pip’s sister?
Joe hired a man called Orlick to help with the work. He was a big and unhappy man. When he heard that Pip took a half holiday. He wanted one too. At first Joe refused, but Orlick argued, and finally, Joe agreed. Mrs. Joe was angry at both Joe and Orlick who called her some names. Joe and Orlick fought and Joe hit him hard. Mrs. Joe fainted and Joe carried her to the house. Later, she was found lying on the kitchen floor. She was hit on the back of the head and lay in bed for a long time, couldn’t remember or speak.
Moby Dick

1- What do you know about Ishmael?
*Ishmael was a poor sailor and had nothing to do on land so he decided to find a job on a whaler.
2- Why did Ishmael need a bed?
*He arrived in the evening and the next boat would leave next Sunday so he needed a bed in an inn.
*All the inns were expensive and he didn’t have much money. Finally, he found an old, shabby inn called “The Spouter”.
3- Why did Ishmael have to share a bed?
*The inn was full so he had to share a bed with another whaling man ‘harpooner’ whose name was “Queequeg”.
4- Describe Queequeg.
*The skin on his face was a purplish yellow colour. It was covered in a pattern of dark coloured squares. There was a small knot of hair twisted up on his forehead. His body was decorated in the same way as his face. H e dressed in a very strange way. He put his hat on. Then he went under the bed to put his boots on.
5- What do you know about Queequeg?
*Queequeg came from a small island called Kokovoko which wasn’t on any maps. His father was the king and Queequeg wanted to see the world before he became king. So he found a job as a whaler and became a good harpooner.
6- What did Ishmael and Queequeg want to do?
* Ishamel and Queequeg became friends. They wantedto go to sea for 3 years so they went on a ship called “The Pequod”.
7-Describe “The Pequod”.
Her decks were rough and worn with age. Parts of her masts were repaired with the trunks of trees. She didn’t have a wheel for steering. Instead she was steered by a long lever at the stern which was made from the jawbone of a whale.
8- How did captain Ahab loose his leg?
*The captain was called Ahab, he lost a leg in a battle with a whale called “Moby Dick”. It was huge, white whale with a strange head and a humped back. It had a twisted jaw and 3 holes in one of its fins. It threw him into the air and had bitten off his leg.
*As a result, the captain had become very bitter. He looked very fierce and there was a long scar down the side of his face. His lost leg was replaced by an artificial one which was made from a piece of whalebone. He put it into a small hole in the deck to let him stand safely even in the worst weather.
9- what did he decide to do when he caught Moby Dick?
* Captain Ahab would chase Moby Dick until he would catch him and would roll over with black blood spout from his mouth and his fins pointing to the sky. He would give a gold coin for the first person to see the whale.
1o-What was Starbuck’s opinion on Ahab’s revenge?
*The chief officer, Starbuck was calm and reliable. He told Ahab to seek revenge on an innocent animal is an offence against God.
On His Blindness

Questions with model answers :-
1. Give a brief account on John Milton.
Milton was born in England into a religious family.
He devoted himself to poetry
He had a strong feeling that he had a mission in life through poetry
• He believed that he could, as a poet, teach man better and nobler
ways of living and thinking
• He became a priest, but decided against it because he didn’t agree
with some of the things that were happening in the church in his time.
Milton was arrested and imprisoned. His books were burnt. But he
was saved, he probably owed his escape from death to his blindness.
A fire in London destroyed his house. He moved from place to place
until he settled down on the outskirts of London
Believing as he did that he had been chosen by God for a special
purpose, he now found himself questioning the will and wisdom of
God in afflicting him with a disability which must prevent him from
performing his chosen duties
Anyway, his blindness forced him to depend on his daughters for an
assistance with his reading and writing.
2. When I consider how my light is spent, Ere half my days, in this dark world and wide,
And that one talent which is death to hide, Lodg’d with me useless, though my soul more bent
To serve therewith my Maker, and present My true account, lest the returning chide.
Doth god exact day- labour, light denied. I fondly ask ;but patience to prevent
Paraphrase the previous lines and pick out THREE figures of speech.
The octet;  The poem opens by lamenting over the loss of his eyesight before
even completing half of his lifetime which for him has become dark.
He says that he no longer can use that gift although his soul is very
anxious. He adds that he’s very eager to serve God and present a
good account to please him. He asks himself : “How can God expect
me to be able to work for Him when I can’t see?”
The Figures of speech:
a) metaphor :
Line 1 “When I consider how my light is spent,”
b) Alliteration:
Line 2 ” Ere half my days, in this dark world and wide,”
Line 5 ” To serve therewith ’my‘ and ’Maker‘.
Line 7 ” Doth God exact day-lab our, light denied.”
3. What is the rhyme scheme of the octet?
Rhyme Scheme: a b b a a b b a
4. That murmur, soon replies, God doth not need Either man’s work or His own gifts :who best
Bear His mild yoke, they serve Him best. His state Is kingly. Thousands at His bidding speed
And post o’er land and ocean without rest: They also serve who only stand and wait. Paraphrase the previous lines and pick out THREE figures of speech. Paraphrase: But patience stops him & tells him that is a foolish question as God doesn’t need neither man’s work nor the gifts the He has given to him
It’s people who obey Him & submit to his will who serve Him best. He is a great king. Thousands of people are active in his service all the time. The people who stand and wait for His orders also serve Him. Literary terms
Line 11 ” Bear His mild yoke,”ــــــــــــــــــ
b) Personification:
Line 8 – 9 ” ـــــــــــbut patience to prevent that murmur, soon replies,”ــــــــــ
c) Assonance:
Line 12 ” Is kingly. Thousands at His bidding speed”
5. What is the rhyme scheme of the sestet?
Rhyme Scheme: c d e c d e
6. What is the form of this poem?
,On His Blindness” is an Italian sonnet divided into two parts; an octet of eight lines, and a sestet of six lines. The octet contains the problem or the question, and the sestet offers the answer.
7. What is the meter of this poem?
It’s the iambic pentameter
8. What’s the difference between the octet and the sestet in this sonnet?
The octet: Expresses the poet’s sorrow for losing his sight Milton is the central character: there are 8 pronouns relating to him: I, me, my” The sestet: Expresses the greatness & wisdom of God & the poet’s acceptance of His will God becomes the central figure: there are 6 nouns & pronouns relating to Him: God, Him, His”
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